About Fundam

Fundam v.o.f. is the company through which Jaap Funnekotter and Maya Funnekotter-Noordam share their yearlong experience in the hospitality and the tourism sector.

Our philosophy is as simple as it is effective. It is the client and not the “provider” who at the end of the day determines what the quality and the price/value equation of the service is. This applies to the hospitality, service and tourism industry, but also to Fundam.

This implies that we put ourselves in the position of our customers with their concrete challenges and wishes, that we look together with them (co-creation) for optimal solutions in order to subsequently deliver the agreed service timely, faultless and with a genuine smile.


In the area of professional hospitality Fundam offers a wide range of services for hospitality enterprises, as well as companies and institutions with a strong focus on high quality service.

Our range of products and services varies from “hard” subjects like improvement of profitability of F&B operations tot seemingly “soft” issues like the improvement of hospitable behavior of employees towards guest or customers. As a format you can think of complete (improvement) projects, workshops or one time presentations.


The tourism branch of Fundam is specialized in the organization and execution of tailor made events, tours and excursions in Holland and Belgium. Special attention is being paid for the ever-growing group of vital, independent people of the “platinum age” who have a warm interest in culture and the “good things in live”.

Next to this we assist companies with the organization of congresses, reception of foreign business relations, planning and execution of partner programs, etc.

A warm, personal and individual approach, a sound sense of humor and genuine hospitable attitude are our trademarks.