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Fundam » Tourism » Private guide Netherlands

Private guide Netherlands

Fully tailored private guiding programs that can range from the main tourist attractions to a purpose designed visit to companies and/or regions in specific enterprise sectors (agriculture, cattle breeding, industry, waterworks, etc). It is a challenge for our private guide to make the perfect match between the individual wants & needs of the guest and/or company and the various possibilities.

In our philosophy the guiding services of the private guide do not consist in lecturing the guests with general facts & figures but providing relevant information that tunes in to their specific interest. In other words, the private guide puts him/herself in the position of the guest and makes sure that through a flexible approach the guest will have an unforgettable experience.

For corporate clients we offer the possibility to design for their guests an excursion that hooks up with the activities of the clients company or institution. E.g. for a client in the agro business we could design an excursion to interesting agriculture and/or cattle breeding areas in the Netherlands.