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Tour guide Netherlands

The tourism services division of FUNDAM is specialized in the organization and execution of tailormade events, tours and excursions in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Whether it is a tourist group, a couple looking for a private tour or a corporate client who wants to receive foreign guests and have them accompanied and shown around places of interest, our tour guide can accommodate every wish. We design programs (including accommodation, lunch/dinner and transportation) that suit your specific interests, whereby we love to go “off the beaten track” and show you spots that most visitors will never see.
For FUNDAM guiding services is not about throwing facts and figures at our guests but providing them with relevant information that is an answer to their specific interests. Warmth, personal approach and a genuine hospitable attitude are our tour guide trade marks.

For tourist groups we offer guiding services in English, German, French and Spanish. Also guiding in other languages e.g. Italian, Portuguese and Norwegian are available upon request.

A selection of our possibilities.

Season Specials

The Netherlands has its typical seasonal highlights. Spring with its flower bulbs and the famous Keukenhof and the unique “Bulb Growing Area’s Flower Parade”. July with the “Scheveningen Flag Day” on which we welcome the New Raw Herring Season.  September with “Prinsjesdag”, the yearly opening-day of the Dutch Parliament. And much more. Our tour guide Netherlands will guide you.


The Dutch landscape

Possibly one of the rarest landscapes in the world. Someone wrote one time: “God created the world, but Holland created itself”. Water became land and one third of the Dutch population lives below sea-level. The vast meadow and polder landscapes with their beautiful sights are breathtaking and were already immortalized in the 17th century by our great Dutch landscape masters.


City trips

What’s more fun than using our tour guide Netherlands for a nice city trip to e.g. Amsterdam with its beautiful city center, The Hague with its government buildings dating from the 11th century, Rotterdam (Manhattan on the river Meuse) with its world famous harbor or in the south of the country Maastricht with its Burgundian ambiance.


Art excursions

Lectures, e.g.

    • 17th or 19th century Dutch painters
    • Contemporary Holland: a look behind the Dutch way of life

as a supplement to our guiding services.

Themed excursions

e.g. ‘Holland against the water’.


Shopping trips

Can be combined with city trip.


The ‘Haarlem Special’

A surprising combination of art in the various museums, Flemish architecture and a 17th century city center with up-market (antique)shops, boutiques and restaurants. Haarlem is a well preserved city situated on the river Spaarne. You feel like way back in time and a visit to the Frans Hals Museum  with a vast collection of Dutch Masters, Teylers Museum (oldest museum in The Netherlands), the “Grote of Sint bavokerk” (Cathedral 14th century) or the market square dating back to the 11th century  are a true experience. Enjoy good food & drink in one of the many restaurants the old city center. In summer all kind of festivals take place.